Qi Seminar with Dr. John Traffas

Saturday June 17th 1pm – 5pm

Qi Development SeminarHosted at Parkside Self Defense at 145 SW Mill Street, Dallas, Oregon

Join us for a Qi Development (sometimes known as ki or chi) one day seminar. The seminar fee is $50. Dr. Traffas has studied Qi for over 20 years. He will show how to increase your flow of qi through factors, principles and additions that harmonize mind, body and spirit. These steps will be demonstrated through qi testing.

Emphasis will be on meditation and development of qi rather than a martial arts application, although qi is integral in many martial arts. Wear comfortable clothes for meditation and light exercise on a gym mat.

Please call 971-237-2963 or email kienergy@yahoo.com for more information or to register for the seminar.

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