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Dr. John Traffas, aikido and ki training in Dallas, Oregon.

Aikido means way to harmony with ki. Unfortunately in the history of aikido, and among the major aikido organizations, a minority of practitioners actually realize what this means. For many of them, they prefer to pretend that ki doesn’t exist, or that if it does, it can be attained through practicing the techniques of traditional aikido. This is completely false.

Dr. Traffas Aikido Instruction

Most martial arts are made up of  techniques and series of techniques (kata or forms) that distinguish that martial art from others. I know I may be of a minority opinion on this, but technique is not what distinguishes aikido from other martial arts. Speaking of technique, virtually all aikido techniques come directly from Daito ryu Jiujutsu. This is a little fun fact that many in the aikido world would prefer to hide or bury, some even going so far as to alter original photographs to do so. What distinguished aikido from other martial arts is ki, and being in harmony with ki. As the founder of the ki society, Koichi Tohei said, “Ki leads the mind and mind leads the body.”

Another interesting and very amusing quote from Tohei Sensei is that “either you study aikido with mind and body coordinated or you study aikido with mind and body uncoordinated.” I totally agree with Tohei Sensei and the Ki Society on virtually every aspect of aikido training. It is mostly in the advanced principles where I differ. There is one other difference. I think ki should be applied to the techniques of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as well as any other style that has merit. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is very effective, so why not? Ki was applied to Daito Ryu Jiujitsu to get the aikido that’s recognized now. Applying ki to more techniques will not alter the meaning of aikido. It will always mean the way to harmony with ki.

Cool, huh? Now what the heck is ki? Ki (as written in our letters for Japanese or Korean or otherwise written for Mandarin Chinese as chi ch’i or qi) is a universal energy that flows through and around the body and can be directed by the mind, especially strongly when mind and body are coordinated according to certain universal principles. I know this is a lot to swallow and hard for most of us to accept… so don’t accept it. Come check it out, challenge it, test it, and make up your mind afterwards. We can all do some amazing things with our minds when we follow ki principles that can be tested. I welcome skeptics, but not cynics. Please come with an open mind and bring the scientific method with you.

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